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At home, it's hot, even very hot and the observation is simple: it's difficult to work when the temperatures are so high! The fan does what it can to cool us down but we are idling in this furnace.... 🌡☀

So it doesn't take much sometimes to distract the mind from a specific goal. If it's too hot, too cold... If we are tired, if we have too much energy... If we are hungry, if we have eaten too much... The list of disturbing elements is long.

The learning of a language is also made up of more or less big obstacles! It is easy to lose focus and to lose sight of our objectives. The nice 3-month learning plan? Forget it! We quickly get caught up in the routine and the small miseries of everyday life. All this distracts us from our goals, from our wishes for personal growth and development. This phenomenon is however normal and common to most of us. The question is how to stay focused on a goal in the long run!

When I think of learning a language, the first thing I think of is MOTIVATION. This is what gives us the strength to start learning! Without motivation, you don't start anything...
The problem is that motivation lasts a week or two? Or even a few days? This is the main cause of failure: motivation never lasts very long, we end up forgetting our objectives...

So what can we do? My recommendation is to set up AUTOMATION. Every day, do a specific activity. Nothing too long or overwhelming, it can be as simple as learning 3 vocabulary words. Just for a few minutes, so nothing that will deter you in the long run with situations like: "Oh no, I can't do that, I'm too tired and it takes too long to do...".

After two or three weeks, your mind will start to integrate this automatism into its own routine. In the long run, it will even start to worry if it is late at night and you have not yet put your daily automatism into practice!
It is thanks to this method of automatisms that I have been able to put a daily "word of the day" on social networks for 5 years. Without this, I'm sure that Les Machin would not have existed for very long!

I'll give you more tips in the next newsletters on this topic, watch closely for the next weekly newsletter!

In the meantime, I would like to thank you, because you are now more than 80,000 to follow us on our Instagram account, that's HUGE! 🤯😊 Thanks to you, I'm feeling great, thank you! 💪😉
It makes me sincerely happy to see that more and more of you trust our expertise. The French language deserves to be promoted and defended: your massive presence reassures us and encourages us to continue!

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See you soon,
Take care of yourself,

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