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Hello !

Well, summer is coming and we have just realized that summer is going to be busy. Very busy... An upcoming move (and a happy event 😉 ), a training course being created, online meetings with actors and actresses of the Francophonie and many other things: a great program in perspective!

1. Thanks to the 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, we promised you quizzes: here they are! ✅ We are pleased to announce that you can now participate in our French quizzes several times a week in the Community tab of our channel. Brand new quizzes not found on our other channels.
The quizzes are here: Les quiz des Machin.
Have fun! 👍

2. The very first live on our Instagram account went well. After the initial stage fright, my passion for the French language quickly took over and I was able to answer your questions about the past tense. You can find the video of the live on our Youtube channel. 📽
Another live is scheduled for this Sunday at 4pm (Paris time), it will be the opportunity to review our "mots du jour" together. 📝

3. With Renée, we are currently developing a training on the pronunciation of the French language. The goal: to allow you to speak like a French person! 🗣🇫🇷
We put our expertise at your service to help you progress!
For more information, please write to us in response to this email. 📝

4. We plan to make videos in collaboration with actors and actresses of the Francophonie: follow us closely on our social networks to be aware of our news! 👥

5. By the way, do you know TikTok? I'm now present there. Don't hesitate to follow my adventures by subscribing to the Machin TikTok account (@lesmachin)!
By subscribing, you will give me strength! 💪
You'll find new, original and fun content, quite different from what's offered elsewhere.

See you soon,
Take care of yourself,

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