La newsletter de juin - Translation

Voici la traduction en anglais de notre newsletter du 10 juin !

Hello friends!
We all like to place our lives in the middle of our comfort zone. It's where we feel the best, where the days pass without worrying too much about tomorrow. Routine has that sweet flavor of carefree. 😌
The worry is that we quickly get locked into it and forget how stimulating newness can be. Over time, we no longer see the world as a source of opportunity, but rather as a threat to our own little comfort.
This year, Renee and I decided to try to break out of that comfort zone, to try things that once seemed unattainable or that we just didn't think of.
1. So, we took over our YouTube channel (Learn French with les Machin) which was sadly abandoned. New videos were released, a rhythm was found and the results came quickly: we just passed the 1000 subscribers mark! 🏆
And why are we telling you about this? Well, this threshold crossed will allow us very soon to put French quizzes on our YouTube channel (in the Community tab, the feature will unlock soon) and we know you love French quizzes!
2. A live is planned this Saturday at 4pm (Paris time) on our Instagram account. (@lefrancaisaveclesmachin). We are rather reserved and introverted people: doing a live video is for us a scary and very stimulating experience! Especially since our community of followers on Instagram is really substantial: almost 78,000 followers! đŸ˜±
3. Other news: a rather special "unboxing" that will soon be published on our YouTube channel (with a BIG surprise in it!) and also we are opening a storefront on Amazon in which we feature our favorite books every week!
In conclusion, when learning a language, it might be a good idea to try to get out of your comfort zone to progress, don't you think? It's an interesting idea, we'll think about it. Do you have any ideas on this subject?
See you soon,
Take care of yourself,

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