How can you succeed in learning a language when you don't have the time? [July newsletter]

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Hello friends!

Great news for the Machin family in this month of July with the birth of our little Sophie ! We are very happy! Happy and tired, but happy above all! đŸ„°đŸ„°
So obviously we haven't been on social media much lately. We didn't even have the time and energy to write you a newsletter last week! đŸ˜Žâ±

Hence this question that came to my mind: how do you learn a language when you don't have time?

Work, family life, daily tasks, various occupations: there are so many time-consuming things that dominate our daily lives! We quickly accumulate things to do and, for lack of time, we put some of them off until the next day...
In these conditions, learning a language seems very difficult.

However, if you look closely, you will notice that we sometimes waste a lot of time on activities that are not very useful in our free time.
For example, it's amazing how we can get absorbed in Facebook and surfing without getting anything really satisfying, interesting or necessary out of it.
Social networks are certainly useful and pleasant, but it is preferable to limit the time spent on them on a daily basis, because after a while, the brain goes into automatic mode and time passes very quickly without us realising it! And that's time wasted. Time that could be spent on something more useful, like learning a language!

You also need to manage your time as well as possible: for example, when you're on the move, listening to an audio book in French rather than music is a good way to make progress! You can also download our podcasts and listen to them while doing the dishes or cooking. Even before going to sleep, you can listen to French to learn vocabulary!

It is also important to prioritise your needs. If you are lacking in grammar or conjugation, this may not be the time to learn new vocabulary. Don't be afraid to go where you feel you have weaknesses. It is by confronting these weaknesses that we progress and gain confidence.

I'll be giving you more tips in future newsletters on this subject, so watch out for the next weekly newsletter!

Thank you so much for all your kind words about Sophie's birth. We didn't have time to reply but know that we have read them all! 😘

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See you soon,
Take care of yourself,

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  • FĂ©licitations pour la naissance de ta Sophie !!💖


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