😵‍💫 10 difficult words to pronounce in French for non-French speakers [October Newsletter]

Hello friends!

When French is not your native language, you have to go through a long learning phase (as for any foreign language). Among the difficulties encountered, there is of course grammar, but also pronunciation. Some words are particularly difficult to pronounce. Even for a French speaker, the word "serrurerie" is not easy to pronounce clearly and fluently. So imagine for a learner! 🎃😨
With time and experience, I've spotted some words that regularly cause problems when it comes to pronouncing them.
Here are 10 of them:
- serrurerie
- propriétaire
- ailleurs
- longtemps
- écureuil
- heureux
- jus
- grenouille
- bouilloire
- arbre
And there are many others...

Why such difficulties? Let's take the French "r", in its phonetic form [ʁ] : this sound does not exist in all languages, far from it !
The same goes for the sounds "u" [y], "eu" [ø], the French "e" [ə] and the nasals "on" [ɔ̃] and "en" [ɑ̃]: these are real sources of hassle! 🥴

Fortunately, it is not negative to have an accent! It's what makes you who you are and there's no shame in having that accent! Plus, it proves that you speak a language other than your own, so all respect goes to you! 💪

However, there is obviously nothing to stop you from wanting to progress and improve your accent to get closer to the standard accent, the one you hear on TV for example. There are various techniques to overcome these obstacles: with these tips and practice, it is possible to make real progress. For my part, I've worked on the subject for a long time, I think I've gained a lot of useful ideas and lessons. 🤓

With this in mind, I have created pronunciation workshops to help you overcome these obstacles!
In small groups of up to 4 people and in 8 one-hour sessions, we see tips together and practice them! All this for only 12.50 USD per hour. I want to keep the price affordable. It's still a big budget, of course, but the pleasure of progressing is well worth the money and you won't be afraid to say those words anymore! 🌟

I'd like to end with a question: if French is not your native language, what do you think are the most difficult words to pronounce in French?
➡ ...

I'm waiting for your answers and I'll see you very soon,
Kisses! 😘
Jules Machin

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